We call our Seed Funding Recipients Cosmic Heroes

So.... why the name Cosmic Hero?

A Cosmic Hero is a student who we believe, without super strength or sonic speed, has the potential to change the world. Heroes gain access to seed funding for a project to save the world — and a network of sidekicks to help. 

Students cannot apply for a Cosmic Hero Award. So how do we find our next Cosmic Hero? That's where you come in! Keep reading to learn more about who we are looking for. Then, submit your secret nomination.

Our Cosmic Heroes


Emily Carlson

Emily saved the social studies requirements in her school district through her own civic activism.


Mikala Davis

Mikala helped her fellow students succeed by courageously sharing the trials and tribulations of her own origin story


Lupe vieyra

Lupe reduced the dropout rate in her school district by building an innovative peer-to-peer mentorship program.